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The Producers

Mel Brooks' record-breaking 2001 Broadway musical, and former 1967 movie, gets an enthusiastic makeover by director Susan Stroman. However, Brooks' top-heavy script crumbles in the second half as with past productions of the dated material. Well-paired duo Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick give highly polished onscreen performances thanks to their extensive time spent together performing the play on Broadway. Brooks' nutty story follows the fall and rise and fall of washed up Broadway producer Max Bialystock (Lane) as he induces his straight-laced accountant Leo Bloom (Broderick) to conspire on a sure-thing-flop musical production called "Springtime For Hitler." Their scheme to become millionaires, by swindling their blue-haired backers, backfires when the play becomes an overnight hit. Uma Thurman adds zest as Ulla, the producers' Swedish bombshell secretary. Special features include a commentary track with director Susan Stroman, eight deleted scenes, outtakes, a making-of featurette, and an interview featurette with Mel Brooks and Susan Stroman. Aspect ratio is 2.40:1, with sound quality processed in Dolby Digital 5.1. (Movie – Three Stars, DVD features – Three Stars) Rated PG-13, 129 mins. (Universal)

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