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Devo - LIVE 1980

With a fury of pure punk subversion, pop music geniuses DEVO perform 21 down-and-dirty live versions of such classics as "Whip It," "Snowball," "Girl U Want," "It's Not Right," "Planet Earth," "Secret Agent Man," "Uncontrollable Urge," "Mongoloid" and "Freedom Of Choice" against a post-apocalyptic stage set of artistically-lit milk crates. Wearing tatty jumpsuits and their signature flowerpot hats the visually arresting band of self-proclaimed "spudboys" takes liberties with the rock music idiom in an energetic set that defies description. Suffice it to say that this "Target Video" production is an undiluted example of what was great about '80s music (even if most of it was written in the '70s). Tracked by the CIA for their rebellious attitudes DEVO are revealed as a group of grown men who showed their younger peers what rockin' modern music was all about; "In the land of the free, use your freedom of choice." Special features include a black-and-white clip of the band performing "Praying Hands" and "Shrivel Up" at the 1979 "M-80" concert in Minneapolis. Aspect ratio is not provided. Sound quality processed in choice of stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1. (Live Music Artifact - Five Stars, DVD features - One Star) Not Rated, 75 mins. (Music Video Distributors)

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