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Alexander - Director's Cut

You can tell during an early scene of tiresome voice-over exposition by Anthony Hopkins that Oliver Stone's three-hour sword-and-sandal epic is doomed as a giant scar across the right side of Hopkins' forehead mysteriously moves to the left side of his head between shots. Then comes Colin Farrell's Irish accent that wrestles against Angelina Jolie's faux Russian intonation like a cat and a monkey fighting in a burlap bag. For all of its attention to detail in two reasonably good battle scenes Stone's movie fails to tell the complex story of one of the most enigmatic conquerors in history. But more than that, Stone doesn't present characters that the audience can believe in as representative of their historic roles. A heavy-handed musical score by Vangelis hobbles "Alexander" with bombastic surges of sonic information that further remove the audience from the story. For the director's cut Stone took out 17 minutes of footage before reinstating nine minutes of previously unused footage. Special features include English, Spanish and French subtitles, a commentary track by Oliver Stone wherein he describes the changes he made, a feature length making-of documentary and a four-minute featurette about Vangelis scoring the film. Aspect ratio is 2.35:1 Anamorphic Enhanced, with sound quality delivered through Dolby Digital 5.1. (Movie - Two Stars, DVD features -- Two Stars) Rated R, 167 mins. (Warner)

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