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Hitler And The Nazis

This momentous box-set of four documentaries about the inner workings of the Third Reich includes Peter Cohen's "The Architecture Of Doom," John J. Michalczyk's "Nazi Medicine" and "The Cross And The Star" and director Claude Chabrol's "The Eye Of Vichy." In "The Eye Of Vichy" Chabrol uses a wealth of rarely seen propaganda footage to chronologically compare the reality of Vichy France with the barrage of misleading information and rhetoric French citizens were bombarded with. "The Architecture Of Doom" traces Hitler's obsession with Wagner that inspired him to channel his vision for art as a basis for a new utopian civilization. John Michalczyk identifies in "Nazi Medicine" the medical practices of American eugenics that the Germans emulated for their radical theories to commit genocide as a tool for "racial hygiene." "The Cross And The Star" looks at the ways Christian theology affected a climate of racial superiority and arrogance that the Nazis embraced against the Jews. This box-set represents an essential historical crash course about an aspect of world history that still affects all citizens of the world today. Special features include a short documentary  "A Window Into The Camps," and a photo tour inside the Third Reich. Aspect ratio and recording type is not listed. (Movies - Five Stars, DVD features - One Star) Unrated. Over 339 mins. (First Run Features)

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