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Miles Davis: The Cool Jazz Sound

"It’s hard to get musicians to realize they don’t have to play perfect.
It’s the feeling that counts." This is what Miles Davis said in the early ‘60s about the essence of sonic realization he was working toward with his musicians. The two note theme from "So What" (from Miles’ "Kind Of Blue" album) is one of the most identifiable melodies in 20th century music. Its live 1959 performance at New York’s Studio 61 for "The Robert Herridge Theater" television show reveals a connection between the musicians comprised of rich emotion. John Coltrane, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Comm perform with Miles as Gill Evans conducts. The cultural impact of Miles Davis cannot be overestimated. Seeing it performed in this rarely seen half hour television episode is a treat that informs the kind of thought and feeling that went into making lovely tunes come to life. "So What," The Duke," "Blues For Pablo," and "New Rhumba" are performed.

(Movie – Five Stars, DVD features – Zero Stars) Not Rated, 30 mins. (Music Video Distributors)

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