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Made in Sheffield

The industrial city of Sheffield, England was the birthplace for the electronic pop explosion of post punk bands like "Vice Versa," "2.3," "The Human League," "Heaven 17," "ABC" and "Cabaret Voltaire." This loving documentary by filmmaker Eve Wood charts the lineage of the daring young musicians who created a modern and challenging kind of music that lives on today through bands like "Stereolab" and "Ladytron." Through interviews with band members and live performance footage, "Made In Sheffield" fills an essential period that linked Punk to the British New Wave with bands intent on destroying rock music. Interview subjects like the late John Peel, The Human League’s Phil Oakey and Ian Craig Marsh, and music critic Andy Gill shed light on the indispensable influence of Sheffield’s electronic music scene. This documentary is an essential item for any serious lover of modern music. Aspect ratio is 1.33:1 Full Screen with sound presented in Dolby Digital. Special features include additional interviews and rare live footage. (Movie – Three Stars, DVD features – Three Stars) Not Rated, 52 mins + 76 mins of bonus footage. (Plexifilm)

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