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July 28, 2007

The Collins Bar Says Goodbye

Collinstaxi3The doorway to the immediate left of the porn palace that Travis Bickle enters in "Taxi Driver," after getting his hack job, is the doorway of 735 8th Avenue – The Collins Bar (look in the upper left hand corner to see the Collins' famous "BAR" sign. The picture below shows a comparison of how the bar looked on its last day.


On Sunday, July 22, this fine Hell’s Kitchen drinking establishment will shutter its doors forever. It is a sad phenomenon indicative of changes occurring all over Manhattan where a glut of high-rise condos are springing up and squeezing out community gathering places like The Collins Bar. Sunday night (July 22) will be a blow out gathering of Collins Bar regulars. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for a beer and soak up the last moments of a truly great old-school New York bar.Collinsfront

(The Collins Bar 7/20/07)





Jonnatim Collinsthefuninside


Collinstheart Behindthebar



Collinssandwichboard Collinsadam

Collinssignday_2 Collinssignnight_2

The Collins Bar from the street


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it's a sad day in Hell's Kitchen my friend. A sad day indeed.

Sigh . . . ditto, alas. Enjoyed seeing all the folks on Sunday evening, despite the mad crush early on. Thanks for the pics and the excellent Taxi Driver research. So, who's leading the charge on locating an alternate venue? We can't all trek out to Queens and pack into Esther's apartment-cum-exiled-Collins-crowd-sanctary . . . .

P.S.: Yikes! I forgot about the 'bald guys' pic. Clearly you've has Photoshopped out the glare on my head.

It's so hard to believe that the Collins Bar is gone. I'll post some more photos when I get a chance.

Thanks for your comments.

Oh, man . . .they took the SIGN down. Saw it passing by in a cab today and it just hit me like a punch in the stomach.

Well, if I can't be maudlin about it here, where can I?

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