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May 02, 2015

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May 01, 2015

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April 30, 2015

Luc Jacquet's "Ice and the Sky" — CANNES CLOSING NIGHT FILM

Photo du film © Luc Jacquet

A hymn to save the planet as the Closing Film of the Festival de Cannes: 

Luc Jacquet, director of the Oscar-winning March of the Penguins, will present his fourth feature film, Ice and the Sky, as Closing Film of the 68th Festival de Cannes, Sunday, May 24 in the Grand Théâtre Lumière of the Palais des Festivals.

In this documentary Luc Jacquet discusses the scientific discoveries of Claude Lorius who left in 1957 to study the Antarctic ice. In 1965 he was the first to be concerned by global warming and its consequences for the planet. Today, aged 82, he continues to look at the future with hope: "I believe that men will still up. Men will find the solidarity that will lead the people living on this planet to another type of behavior."  

"Cannes is a huge opportunity for this film and for what it says," said Luc Jacquet. "I am pleased and impressed, much like The Fifer from the tales that is welcomed at the palace. Showing this film in the world's largest film festival is contributing to this huge challenge facing humanity as quickly as possible to secure its future and the future of the planet. My language is cinema. In different times, I would have made other films. But I make fierce cinema, political cinema, cinema that has no choice.

Luc Jacquet has dedicated all his work to environment and nature issues: March of the Penguins (2005), Le Renard et l’enfant (2007) et Il était une forêt (2013). He has created an NGO, Wild Touch, to educate more young people to respect and preserve the planet.

Echoing and supporting the fighting of those who have been alerting for a long time, the Festival de Cannes is pleased to get also engaged by programming Ice and the Sky to close its 68th edition. Programming such a film is sending it to the future and to make an appointment for a successful Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris from November, 30th to December, 11th, 2015.

Ice and the Sky has been written and directed by Luc Jacquet. It has been produced by Eskwad and will be distributed by Pathé. Wild Bunch will handle international sales and Le Public Système will be in charge of the French media and Martin Marquet of the international media.

Let us remind that the SCAM has decided with the support of the Festival de Cannes to create a prize to reward documentaries in the Official Selection and in the sidebars. 

The Festival de Cannes will run May 13-24, 2015. The Jury is chaired by Joel and Ethan Coen whom will hand out the prizes to the winners of the Competition before the screening of Luc Jacquet's film.

Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby Speaks Out

April 29, 2015

Cannes Classics 2015

Festival de Cannes 

                                         Costa Gavras © AFP / A.C. Poujoulat                                                            

Costa-Gavras as guest of honor, a double celebration of Ingrid Bergman and Orson Welles, Ousmane Sembène the « father of African cinema, » Gaumont with a place of honor, Argentinians, Hitchcock, Truffaut, Russians, Hungarians, open-air screenings, Marcel Pagnol, Julien Duvivier, documentaries about cinema, restorations from all around the world, The Golden Palm's Legend and the 120 years of the Cinématographe Lumière, here comes Cannes Classics 2015.

As the work for restorations is going on actively on all continents, one may only be overcome in our present time by regained vivid shadows, blacks and whites and colors of the history which is exposed every year at Cannes Classics. Being the inspiration for numerous initiatives in the whole world, Cannes Classics keeps on working visiting the history of cinema, indisputable masterpieces or precious rarities. They will be distributed in theaters, on DVD, Blu-Ray or VOD. A boiling of features and documentaries which will be screened in 35mm, DCP 2K or 4K and which makes a program which will take place at Buñuel, salle du Soixantième or at the Cinéma de la plage.

• Guest of honor: COSTA-GAVRAS
He won the Palme d’or with Missing in 1982, was member of the Jury in 1976 (he rewarded Taxi Driver), Award for Best Director with Section spéciale in 1975, he will be with us for the screening of Z, Jury Prize in 1969.

Z (1968, 2h07)
Presented by KG Productions with the support of the CNC.
Original negative scanned 4K and restored frame by frame in 2K by Eclair Group and by LE Diapason for the sound. Restoration and color grading supervised by Costa-Gavras.

• Documentaries about cinema: 

• Hitchcock / Truffaut by Kent Jones (2015, 1h28)
Co-written by Kent Jones and Serge Toubiana. Produced by Artline Films, Cohen Media Group and Arte France.

• Depardieu grandeur nature by Richard Melloul (2014, 1h)
Produced by Richard Melloul Productions and Productions Tony Comiti. 

• Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans by Gabriel Clarke and John McKenna (2015, 1h52)
Produced by John McKenna.  

• By Sidney Lumet by Nancy Buirski (2015, 1h43)
Produced by Augusta Films, co-produced by American Masters. Presented by RatPac Documentary Films.

• Harold and Lilian : a Hollywood Love Story de Daniel Raim (2015, 1h41)
Produced by Adama Films.

Let us remind that, within the framework of the tribute to Ingrid Bergman, will be screened:

• Jag Är Ingrid (Ingrid Bergman, in Her Own Words) by Stig Björkman (2015, 1h54)
Produced by Stina Gardell/Mantaray Film.

And at last, to celebrate the anniversary of the sixty years of the creation of the Palme d’or: 

• The Golden Palm's Legend (La Légende de la Palme d’or) by Alexis Veller (2015, 1h10)
Produced by AV Productions.

• Centennial Orson Welles

Citizen Kane by Orson Welles (1941, 1h59)
A Warner Bros. presentation. The 4k restoration of Citizen Kane was completed at Warner Brothers Motion Picture Imagery by colorist Janet Wilson, with supervision by Ned Price. The image was reconstructed from three nitrate fine grain master positives as the original camera negative no longer survives. Optical soundtrack "RCA squeeze duplex format."     

The Third Man (Le Troisième homme) by Carol Reed (1949, 1h44)
A Studiocanal presentation. Intermediate film print, 2nd generation of nitrate film (non-existent original negative), scanned in 4K and restored frame by frame in 4K by Deluxe in England. Restoration supervised by STUDIOCANAL. 

The Lady from Shanghai (La Dame de Shanghai) by Orson Welles (1948, 1h27)
Presented by Park Circus. Restoration in 4K at Colorworks at Sony Pictures. The nitrate original negative was scanned in 4K at Deluxe in Hollywood before digital restoration, part of the work completed at MTI Film in Los Angeles. Sound restoration sonore at Chase Audio at Deluxe, color grading and DCP prepared by Colorworks.

Two documentaries about Orson Welles: 

Orson Welles, Autopsie d’une légende by Elisabeth Kapnist (2015, 56mn)
Produced by Phares et balises and Arte France.

This Is Orson Welles by Clara and Julia Kuperberg (2015, 53mn)
Produced by TCM Cinéma and Wichita Films.

• An evening with Barbet Schroeder

More by Barbet Schroeder (1969, 1h57)
Restoration made by Digimage Classics in 2K. The laboratory worked with the original film and sound negatives. Color grading under the supervision of Barbet Schroeder. 
The film will be screened after Amnesia (2015, 1h36) selected in Séance spéciale.   

• Tribute to Manoel de Oliveira

Thanks to Manoel de Oliveira’s daughter, Adelaide Trepa, and his grandson Manuel Casimiro, whom allowed with the help of Director José Manuel Costa and Subdirector Jui Machado, of the Cinemateca Portuguesa, the Festival de Cannes will screen his posthumous film Visita ou Memórias e Confissões (1982, 1h08). Previously unseen, it would have been only screened at the Cinemateca Portuguesa in Lisboa and Porto, Manoel de Oliveira’s city of birth.       

• Lumière !

After Georges Méliès in the Grande Salle, to celebrate the 120 years of the birth of the Cinématographe Lumière, screening of a selection of Lumière films in the Grand Théâtre… Lumière. 
A presentation of the Institut Lumière, of the Centre National du Cinéma and the Cinémathèque française. Screening in 4K DCP. 4K restoration carried out by Eclair Group, in collaboration with l'Immagine Ritrovata.

• Restored Prints

• Rocco e i suoi fratelli (Rocco and His Brothers/Rocco et ses frères) by Luchino Visconti (1960, 2h57)
A presentation of The Film Foundation. 4K restoration carried out by Cineteca di Bologna at L’Immagine Ritrovata Laboratory, in association with Titanus, TF1 Droits Audiovisuels and The Film Foundation. Restoration with funding provided by Gucci and The Film Foundation. 
 Les Yeux brûlés by Laurent Roth (1986, 58mn)  
A presentation by the CNC and the ECPAD with Laurent Roth in attendance. Digital restoration made from 2K scanning of the 35mm négatives and the scanning of original elements if they were still existent from archive images. Restoration made by the laboratory of the CNC at Bois d'Arcy.

• Ascenseur pour l’échafaud by Louis Malle (1958, 1h33) 
2K restoration presented by Gaumont. Work on the image done by Eclair, sound restored by Diapason in parternship with Eclair.

• La Noire de… (Black Girl) by Ousmane Sembène (1966, 1h05)
Restored by The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project in collaboration with the Sembène Estate, Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, INA, Eclair Laboratories and the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, CNC. 
Restoration carried out at Cineteca di Bologna/L'Immagine Ritrovata Laboratory.

Preceded by the documentary:  
SEMBENE! by Samba Gadjigo and Jason Silverman (2015, 1h22)
Produced by Galle Ceddo Projects, Impact Partners, New Mexico Media Partners, SNE Partners.
• Insiang by Lino Brocka (1976, 1h35)
Insiang was the first Filipino feature film to be presented at Cannes.
Restored by The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project. 
Restored by Cineteca di Bologna/L'Immagine Ritrovata. Restoration funding provided by The Film Foundation's World Cinema Project and the Film Development Council of the Philippines.
• Sur (The South / Le Sud) by Fernando Solanas (1988, 2h03)
Presented by Cinesur and Blaq Out in partnership with UniversCiné and the INCAA. HD restoration made by Cinecolor laboratory-Industrias Audiovisuales S.A, headed by Roberto Zambrino and supervised by Fernando Solanas upon the occasion of the restoration of all his films which will be released as a DVD boxset (Blaq Out editions).
• Zangiku Monogatari (The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum / Le Conte du chrysanthème tardif) by Kenji Mizoguchi (1939, 2h23)
A presentation of Shochiku studio. The digital restoration is from a 4K film transfer (2K projection) by Shochiku Co., Ltd.
• Jingi Naki Tatakai (Battles without Honor and Humanity aka Yakusa Paper / Combat sans code d’honneur) by Kinji Fukasaku (1973, 1h39)
A presentation of TOEI COMPANY, LTD. The film has been restored from 4K 35mm print original negative into 2K digital by TOEI LABO TECH. The film will be distributed in France by Wild Side Films.
 Szegénylegények (The Round-Up / Les Sans espoir) by Miklós Jancsó (1965, 1h28)
A presentation of the Hungarian National Film Fund and of the Hungarian National Digital Film Archive and Film Institute (MaNDA). In competition at the Festival de Cannes in 1966. 2K film and sound restoration by the Hungarian Filmlab from the 35mm negative. 
• Les Ordres (Orderers) by Michel Brault (1974, 1h48)           
A présentation of « Éléphant, mémoire du cinéma québécois. » HD scanning from three sources: original negative 35 mm A and B colors, 35 mm intermediate film print and internegative.  Restored sound from a 35 mm three-track magnetic mix. Restorations lead by Marie-José Raymond, and the color grading lead by Claude Fournier with director Michel Brault at Technicolor Montréal.
• Panique by Julien Duvivier (1946, 1h31)
Presented by TF1 DA. As the original negative has disappeared, a 2K restoration from the nitrate intermediate film print done at Digimage. 
• Xia Nu (俠女 / A Touch of Zen) by King Hu (1973, 3h)
A presentation of the Taiwan Film Institute. The first Taiwanese film and the first film in Mandarin presented at the Festival de Cannes. 40th anniversary of the Grand Prix de la Commission Supérieure Technique in 1975. Digital restoration made in 4K by the Immagine Ritrovata in Bologna from the negative. The director of photography supervised the color grading.
• Dobro Pozhalovat, Ili Postoronnim Vkhod Vospreshchen (Welcome or No Trespassing) by Elem Klimov (1964, 1h14)
A presentation of the Open World Foundation and Mosfilm. A 2K scanning, sound and film restoration by Mosfilm and Krupny Plan.  
• La Historia Oficial (The Official Story / L’Histoire officielle) by Luis Puenzo (1984, 1h50)
A presentation of Historias Cinematográficas. Award for Best Actress Ex-aequo at the Festival de Cannes 1985 for Norma Aleandro and Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1986. A 4K Restoration from the original négative. New color grading done by the director and the director of photography. Digitization of the sound from a restoration of the magnetic tapes the remixed in 5.1 with new effects and additional orchestrations. Funding provided by the Argentinian National Film Institute (INCAA) and work done at Cinecolor Lab under the supervision of director/producer Luis Puenzo.

• Marius by Alexander Korda (1931, 2h), script and dialogues by Marcel Pagnol
Restoration by the Compagnie méditerranéenne de film - MPC and La Cinémathèque française, with the support of the CNC, the Fonds Culturel Franco-Américain DGA-MPA-SACEM- WGAW, the help of ARTE France Unité Cinéma and the Archives Audiovisuelles de Monaco, with SOGEDA Monaco. 4K restoration supervised by Nicolas Pagnol and Hervé Pichard (La Cinémathèque française). Works done by DIGIMAGE laboratory. Color grading carried out by Guillaume Schiffman.  

And Cannes Classics at the Cinéma de la Plage! 

• Ran by Akira Kurosawa (1985, 2h42)
Original negative scanned in 4K and restored frame by frame in 4k by Éclair. Image and sound restoration under STUDIOCANAL supervision with Kadokawa (Japanese co-producer). Color grading approved by Mr. Ueda (cinematographer), Akira Kurosawa’s close associate on the film. 

• Hibernatus by Edouard Molinaro (1969, 1h40)
2K restoration presented by Gaumont. Image works done by Eclair, sound restored by Diapason with Eclair.  
• Le Grand blond avec une chaussure noire by Yves Robert (1972, 1h30)  
2K restoration presented by Gaumont. Image works done by Eclair, sound restored by Diapason with Eclair.  

• Jurassic Park 3D by Steven Spielberg (1993, 2h01)

• Ivan the Terrible 1 and 2 by Sergueï Eisenstein (1944, 1h40 et 1945, 1h26)
Digital restoration of image and sound by MOSFILM Cinema Concern. Producer of restoration Karen Shakhnazarov.

• The Terminator by James Cameron (1984, 1h48)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios' presents the feature ahead of Park Circus' worldwide reissue of the film in over 20 territories this June.   

• The Usual Suspects by Brian Singer (1995, 1h46)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios will be presenting the film on DCP (in digital format) for the first time, 20 years after it made its premiere at the Festival de Cannes.    

• Hôtel du Nord by Marcel Carné (1938, 1h35)
Restoration presented by MK2 with the support of the CNC. 2K image restoration (from a 4K scan of the image nitrate negative) done by Digimage Classics.

• Joe Hill de Bo Widerberg (1971, 1h50)
2K restoration presented by Malavida Films and the Swedish Film Institute which carried out the works from the original negative.

Besides, the Cinéma de la Plage will screen as a world premiere Rabid Dogs by Eric Hannezo (2015, 1h40) starring Lambert Wilson, Guillaume Gouix et Virginie Ledoyen. 
Produced by Black Dynamite and JD Prod. 







New York, NY (April 29, 2015) – The Nantucket Film Festival (NFF) is proud to announce the opening night selection for its 20th Anniversary edition, A24’s THE END OF THE TOUR, with Jason Segel as the late David Foster Wallace and also starring Jesse Eisenberg. For the sixth year in a row, NFF will screen a Disney•Pixar film on opening day. This year the studio brings to the festival INSIDE OUT, about a young girl and the five emotions competing for control in her head.

Prior to its premiere on Netflix, WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE?, Liz Garbus’ documentary portrait of the “high priestess of soul” Nina Simone, will be the centerpiece film. Magnolia Pictures’ BEST OF ENEMIES closes this year’s edition. The documentary focuses on the televised debates between William F. Buckley, Jr. and Gore Vidal during the 1968 presidential national conventions.

“This year’s 20th anniversary is a celebration of what the Nantucket Film Festival has accomplished over the past two decades as well as what we will be doing twenty years from now,” said Mystelle Brabbée, Executive Director. “We look forward to showcasing the works of those who have made a distinct impact on cinema as well as the works of breakthrough talents.”

“The special presentations announced today represent some of this year's best received new fiction and nonfiction work, garnering critical and audience raves. We're eager to share these films—and the rest of our robust line-up—with our audience as we celebrate two decades of highlighting screenwriting and storytelling in film on Nantucket,” said Basil Tsiokos, Film Program Director. 

The festival runs from June 24-29th. Passes and ticket packages are currently on sale on the NFF website (, with individual tickets going on sale May 21st.

Signature Programs, including NFF’s 20th anniversary Screenwriters Tribute, will be announced in the coming weeks. The past 20 years have seen the Nantucket Film Festival mixing highly anticipated award contenders with the films of talented emerging filmmakers. NFF has brought together the film industry’s most recognized screenwriters and storytellers, including Steve Martin, Judd Apatow, Kathryn Bigelow, Sarah Silverman, Alexander Payne, David O. Russell, Diane Keaton, Glenn Close, and Aaron Sorkin. NFF has also produced the All-Star Comedy Roundtable Presented by Ben Stiller; and the ever-popular staged readings series, with previous casts including Will Ferrell, Mos Def, Paul Rudd, Stiller, Cynthia Nixon, and Rosie Perez.

The full feature film program for the 2015 Nantucket Film Festival:



Narrative Feature

Writer: Donald Margulies

Director: James Ponsoldt

Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) has hopes of getting inside the life and mind of David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel) over the course of an intimate five-day interview at the end of Wallace’s book tour in 1996.



Animated Feature

Story: Pete Docter

Writers: Pete Docter, Meg LeFauve, Josh Cooley

Director: Pete Docter

Co-Director: Ronnie del Carmen

Do you ever look at people and wonder what’s going on in their heads? Disney•Pixar’s INSIDE OUT ventures into the mind of 11-year-old Riley. Five Emotions are hard at work, led by lighthearted optimist Joy (Amy Poehler), alongside Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). An inventive new animated family comedy from the director of the Academy Award®-winning UP.



Documentary Feature

Director: Liz Garbus

Nina Simone was a singular talent, a captivating musician whose widespread recognition as the “high priestess of soul” underscored her near-evangelical presence on stage. Liz Garbus’ film is an intimate tribute to this complex performer and her enduring legacy. 



Documentary Feature

Directors: Robert Gordon, Morgan Neville

In 1968, ABC News hired William F. Buckley, Jr. and Gore Vidal, two ideologues with diametrically opposed political views to engage in a series of live, televised debates during the Democratic and Republican national conventions during a particularly contentious presidential election. Neville directed NFF’s 2013 Opening Night Film and Academy Award® winner, 20 FEET FROM STARDOM.

SPOTLIGHT FILMS- presented by Delta Air Lines


Narrative Feature

Writer: Jesse Andrews

Director: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

After his mother forces Greg (Thomas Mann) to befriend Rachel (Olivia Cooke), a classmate diagnosed with leukemia, the detached high school senior unexpectedly finds himself letting down his guard. ME AND EARL balances clever humor, poignant drama, and delightfully bad spoofs of classic films in this multiple prize-winner from this year’s Sundance.


Documentary Feature

Director: Louie Psihoyos

Academy Award®-winning director Louie Psihoyos (THE COVE, NFF 2009) bears witness to a global problem—mankind’s role in precipitating mass extinction, potentially resulting in the loss of half of the world’s species.


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Leslye Headland

Despite mutual attraction, sex addicts Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) vow to keep things platonic as they work through their issues, sleeping with other people while denying the possibility that they might just be perfect for one another. Also starring Natasha Lyonne, Adam Scott, Amanda Peet, and Jason Mantzoukas.


Narrative Feature

Writer: Tim Talbott

Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez

In 1971, Stanford professor Philip Zimbardo (Billy Crudup) embarks on a study of imprisonment and power dynamics, randomly assigning the role of either guard or prisoner to undergraduate experiment subjects in a mock jail. Also starring Ezra Miller, Michael Angarano, and Tye Sheridan, and winner of the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.


Documentary Feature

Director: Alex Gibney

Academy Award®-winning director Alex Gibney (GOING CLEAR, TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE) sets out to understand the world-shaping genius of Steve Jobs and why he continues to engender such reverence. 



Documentary Feature

Director: Dan Rybicky, Aaron Wickenden

When the filmmakers meet an octogenarian outsider artist and help him mount an exhibition of his elaborate autobiographical collage diaries, their act leads to unanticipated revelations and complex questions about the limits of altruism. 


Documentary Feature

Director: Robert Cohen

Like many who have made it in Hollywood, comedy writer Robert Cohen (THE SIMPSONS, THE BIG BANG THEORY) has long harbored a dark secret: He’s Canadian. Featuring interviews with other funny Canucks such as Mike Myers, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, and Dave Foley.


Documentary Feature

Director: Matthew Heineman

Unwilling to become a victim, Jose Mireles, a small-town physician in Mexico, organizes Autodefensas, a grassroots civilian defense force, to combat the most notorious drug cartel in the region, the Knights Templar. Winner of two awards at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.


Documentary Feature

Director: Ilinca Calugareanu

At the height of 1980s Cold War tensions, the forces of democracy found a most unlikely weapon behind the Iron Curtain: VHS tapes, specifically bootleg tapes of American action movies starring the likes of Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. 


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Marielle Heller

Like most 15-year-old girls, Minnie is experimenting with her sexuality - only the object of her affection happens to be Monroe (Alexander Skarsgard), the much older boyfriend of her mother (Kristen Wiig). DIARY heralds a remarkable new voice in writer/director Marielle Heller and a bold star turn from lead actress Bel Powley.


Documentary Feature

Director: Douglas Tirola

In 1970, the National Lampoon brought a distinctive blend of satire and dark humor to America’s newsstands at the pivotal moment when the counterculture invaded the mainstream. Featuring rare audio and video footage of collaborating talents, such as future SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE stars Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, John Belushi, and Bill Murray. 


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Michael Almereyda 

A sparse inversion of the standard biopic formula, Michael Almereyda’s EXPERIMENTER casts Peter Sarsgaard as the famed social psychologist Stanley Milgram, best known for his electric shock experiments on obedience at Yale. Also starring Winona Ryder.


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Andrew Renzi

Franny (Richard Gere) is in the clutches of a morphine addiction when he finds something worth living for in his renewed friendship with his best friends’ now adult daughter, Olivia (Dakota Fanning), and her husband, Luke (DIVERGENT’s Theo James).


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Gerard Barrett

A South Dublin cabbie barely making ends meet, John (Jack Reynor, acting award winner at Sundance) has little to look forward to when he returns to the decrepit home he shares with his alcoholic mother, Jean (Toni Collette).


Documentary Feature

Director: Ron Davis

When Dutch immigrant Harry deLeyer saved a horse from the glue factory, he had no way of knowing he had found a show-jumping champion in the making. Director Ron Davis reveals the special bond between a man and his beloved horse in this unforgettable underdog story.


Documentary Feature

Director: Barbara Kopple 

A fascinating inside look at the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the United States, THE NATION. Directed by Barbara Kopple, two-time Academy Award® winner and recipient of the Special Achievement in Documentary Storytelling Award at NFF 2013.


Documentary Feature

Director: Jerry Rothwell 

Winner of a special jury award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Jerry Rothwell’s lively film reveals the history of Greenpeace, the world’s largest activist organization.


Documentary Feature

Director: Alexandra Shiva

Alexandra Shiva’s charming film focuses on three young women on the autism spectrum confronting a rite of passage that can prove daunting under even the best of circumstances: the spring formal.


Documentary Feature

Directors: Ricki Stern, Annie Sundberg

Looking to set down roots and start a family, Grammy-winning hip hop musician Rhymefest buys the childhood home of his estranged father, opening up the door to a tentative reconciliation. From NFF alumni filmmakers Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg (THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK, JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK).


Narrative Feature

Writers: Paul Laverty, Donal O’Kelly

Director: Ken Loach 

Upon returning to Ireland from America in 1932, Jimmy decides to reopen a local community hall where his fellow villagers can meet, organize, learn, and dance—but that same hall led to his exile from home a decade prior and cost him his love. From acclaimed director Ken Loach.


Narrative Feature

Writer: Julia Hart

Director: Daniel Barber

At the tail end of the Civil War in rural South Carolina, Augusta (Brit Marling), her sister Louise (Hailee Steinfeld), and their slave Mad (Muna Otaru) tend to their barren farm when one day Augusta is followed home by two murderous Yankee deserters (Sam Worthington and Kyle Soller).


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Trey Edward Shults

The eponymous Krisha Fairchild (the director’s aunt) arrives at the suburban Texas home of her estranged sister (Robyn Fairchild, the director’s mother) for a Thanksgiving meal that no family member will soon forget. Winner of the narrative feature Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at SXSW.


Documentary Feature

Director: Stevan Riley

Like few actors of his generation, Marlon Brando continues to exert a fascination even a decade after his death. Previously unreleased recordings allow the performer to guide the audience through his memoirs in this unconventional biography.


Documentary Feature

Director: Jessica Edwards

A warm, revealing portrait and a well-deserved tribute to the Grammy Award-winning Mavis Staples (The Staple Singers), an ebullient performer still touring at the age of 75.


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Zachary Treitz

Writer: Kate Lyn Sheil

Winner of the Best New Narrative Director award at the Tribeca Film Festival, MEN GO TO BATTLE is an intimate tale of fraternal dysfunction set against the grand scale of the Civil War.


Documentary Feature

Directors: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin 

Winner of the U.S. Documentary Audience Award at this year’s Sundance, MERU tracks multiple attempts to scale a dangerous peak—the “Shark’s Fin” of India’s Mount Meru—by three determined mountain climbers.


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Patrick Brice

Eager to make friends in their new city, Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling) happily accept a dinner invitation from Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) that turns into an unexpected evening in this entertaining second feature from Patrick Brice (CREEP, NFF 2014).


Documentary Feature

Director: Lisa Immordino Vreeland

Born into a noted family but intent on making her own mark, Peggy Guggenheim acquired a reputation as a bohemian by eschewing the proscriptive roles of her social status to explore her sexuality and to follow her passion: modern art.


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Jay Craven

Shot on Nantucket by New England filmmaker Jay Craven, PETER AND JOHN turns back the clock to the island in the wake of the Civil War, when the whaling industry collapsed and tourism had yet to take hold. Adapted from the 1887 novel of the same name by Guy de Maupassant and starring Golden Globe winner Jacqueline Bisset.


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Alex Ross Perry

Recently dumped and mourning the loss of her father, Catherine (MAD MEN’s Elisabeth Moss) arrives at the lake house of her best friend, Virginia (INHERENT VICE’s Katherine Waterston), and spirals further into a self-centered bout of depression in this Bergmanesque drama from writer/director Alex Ross Perry (LISTEN UP PHILIP).


Documentary Feature

Director: Chad Gracia

Ukrainian artist Fedor Alexandrovich has been haunted by the Chernobyl accident since childhood, convinced that there’s more to the disaster than meets the eye. Winner of the World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.


Animated Feature

Writers/Directors: Richard Starzak, Mark Burton

From Aardman Studios, the creators of WALLACE & GROMIT, SHAUN THE SHEEP follows the madcap adventures of the wooly hero as he leads his barnyard friends to the big city on a rescue mission.


Documentary Feature

Director: Ben Niles

Illustrating the transformative power not only of music, but of mentorship, Ben Niles’ film is an uplifting look at Juilliard’s Music Advancement Program for inner-city youth. 


Documentary Feature

Directors: Lyric Cabral, David Felix Sutcliffe

Saeed "Shariff" Torres, a counterterrorism informant for more than two decades, takes on what he swears is his last job for the FBI and invites the filmmakers to follow his covert efforts to befriend a suspected jihadist.


Narrative Feature

Writer/Director: Oren Moverman

Filmmaker Oren Moverman (THE MESSENGER, NFF 2009) and star Richard Gere wring heartbreaking truths from the deeply affecting, experiential glimpse into one man’s day-to-day struggle to survive homeless on the streets of New York City.


Documentary Feature

Directors: Michael Beach Nichols, Christopher K. Walker

When rural Leith, North Dakota (population: 24) draws the attention of Craig Cobb, a notorious white supremacist, the small town becomes the unlikely front line of a culture war.


Documentary Feature

Directors: Bill Ross, Turner Ross

The generations-long, cross-cultural harmony between the sister cities of Eagle Pass, TX, and Piedras Negras, Mexico, is upended as cartel violence threatens to besiege them both.


Documentary Feature

Director: Crystal Moselle

Prohibited from leaving their home their entire lives, the Angulo brothers have lived in a universe consisting of a Lower East Side New York City apartment—and the movies. Winner of the US Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.


Documentary Feature

Directors: Alex Sichel, Elizabeth Giamatti

Faced with terminal breast cancer, filmmaker Alex Sichel finds solace in Buddhism, alternative medicine, and making a film about her fictional doppelganger confronting the same diagnosis, played by actress Lili Taylor. 



Co-presented With Nantucket Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center

Accompanied by Berklee College of Music Silent Film Orchestra

For the second year in a row, NFF and the Dreamland are proud to present a spectacular pre-festival launch event. This year, thrills and chills abound with a screening of Rupert Julian’s 1925 classic, The Phantom of the Opera, with live musical accompaniment by the Berklee College of Music Silent Film Orchestra. Conducted by three-time Emmy® nominee Sheldon Mirowitz (Outside Providence, Missing America), this year’s performance features a rich new score that will enthrall the audience.

After its 1925 premiere, The Phantom of the Opera took the country by storm, solidifying a place in the industry for suspenseful storytelling. The film, starring genre legend Lon Chaney, tells the story of an up-and-coming young actress and the deformed and obsessive fan who will stop at nothing to make her a star.


Documentary Feature

Director: Beth Murphy

This year's screening in collaboration with Facing History & Ourselves chronicles a year at the Zabuli Education Center, the first all-girls school in a small, conservative Afghan village. From director Beth Murphy (THE LIST, NFF 2012).


The Nantucket Film Festival was founded by brother and sister team Jonathan and Jill Burkhart in 1996 to promote the cultural awareness and appreciation of the fine art of screenwriting in the world of cinema. These days, NFF has become one of the premier destination film festivals in the world. Visitors come from all over to experience the preview screenings, unique signature programs, and stand out hospitality on a magical island rich with history, a friendly atmosphere, and beautiful sandy beaches. In addition to screening over 75 films across six days, NFF presents the Screenwriters Tribute, In Their Shoes… hosted by Chris Matthews, Late Night Storytelling, and our daily Morning Coffee With… series.

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