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Exterminating Angels (Les anges exterminateurs)

Anges_exterminateurs Writer/director Jean Claude Brisseau examines the conditions, events and unpredictable mental states that led two actresses to take him to court on sexual harassment charges for having them masturbate as part of an extended audition process for his last film "Secret Things." He does so with a genuine fascination with the correlation between the female head, heart and G-spot. Frederic Van Den Driessche plays Brisseau’s alter ego Francois, a mild-mannered French director attempting to cast an experimental film to explore the orgasm-heightening effects on women of breaking sexual taboos. Two ethereal fallen angels (Raphaele Godin, Margaret Zenou) in black evening dresses reappear as a polar opposite duo of personal advisors and supervisors to Francois’ doomed project. Francois’ naïve voyeurism attracts three volatile exhibitionist actresses intent on shaking up his world regardless of whether or not they are cast in his film. Brisseau’s simulated sex scenes of lesbian and solo female pleasuring are intriguing as much for their raw sensuality as for the provoking intent of the comely women that taunt Francois with their brazen acts. Provocative, erotic and unforced "Exterminating Angels" is a cautionary story about the perils of awakening useless desire.

Not Rated. 100 mins. (B-) (Three Stars)

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